1. What word is used to describe the area where a game of tennis played?
A) Field B) court C) ring D) rink
2. The main difference between badminton and tennis is that in badminton
A) The players don’t use rackets
B) The players wear masks
C) The players don’t use a ball
D) There are three players
3. A regatta is a sport in which there races between
A) Climbers B) Rowing or Sailing boats C) Cars D) Horses
4. What is the name of the sport in which a ball is used to be thrown into a basket?
A) Volleyball B) Football C) Handball D) Basketball
5. What word is not used in swimming?
A) A swimming suit B) A river C) A swimming pool D) A mountain
6. Which sport was invented in Great Britain and involves kicking a ball?
A) Hockey B) Football C) Beach volleyball D) Badminton
7. Where can you hear the word jockey?
A) A horse race B) A game of football C) A boxing match D) A tennis championship
8. Which is a not a winter sport?
A) Snowboarding B) Ice-hockey C) Skiing D) Rowing
9. What is the name of the person who supervises a game of football?
A) A coach B) A referee C) A spectator D) A Master
10. In hockey, one team beats the other by scoring more
A) Goals B) Sets 
C) Points D) Runs

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