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Episode 1
We’d like to start a tour of our gymnasium with the front door which lets in and out about 400 students every day except Sundays. The building is very old. Its interior has been redecorated several times but the exterior is the same as a hundred years ago.
Episode 2
Once you are inside you can see a big staircase in front of you. But instead of going upstairs, which we’ll do a bit later, we’ll turn left and go to the gymnasium’s hot spot – its dining room.
Episode 3
To say that the dining room is the most popular place in the gymnasium is to say nothing. It’s the busiest room during the breaks as well as the lessons. According to our cooks the food hits are salad, pizza, cakes, tea and juice.

Episode 4

The second most popular place is a gym where our students both work and have fun.
Episode 5
DOD_026 Our English study is one of the best equipped studies in the gymnasium. Here we can watch films and cartoons in English, listen to texts and music, record our dialogues and monologues. Besides, the study is packed with a lot of grammar and vocabulary books, fiction and documentary books, dictionaries and encyclopedias.
Episode 6
This is our biology study. Its main feature is lots of beautiful and healthy plants. But, of course, you can also find a great number of biology related materials here.
Episode 7
The gymnasium’s math’s study is just a place to do maths with nothing to distract our attention from the subject.
Episode 8
We have a library which is one of the best school libraries in the town. It has printed and electronic materials of both educational and entertainment value.
Episode 9
Our teachers’ room is the only room we try to avoid visiting because so many teachers in one place make this place extremely dangerous.
Episode 10




One more way to enjoy our gymnasium is out-of-class activities. As you may think, we are not boring students who spend most of their time on studies. We have a lot of other interests and our gymnasium offers many activities we can be involved in.

Episode 11




We’ round off this tour with having a look at the gymnasium’s hall. Concerts, meetings, contests, shows and even discos are held here.

The End.
Episode 12

Welcome to Gymnasium 2!


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