1. What word is used to describe the area where a game of tennis played?
A) Field B) court C) ring D) rink


Meal Food Price
1. Breakfast Vegetable salad 0.480 BR DOD_037


Pancakes with Sour Cream 1.040 BR
Lemon Tea 0.140 BR
Biscuits 0.320 BR
Bread and Cheese 0.650 BR

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Film script
Lobchenko & Mahdi Pictures Presents
Episode 1
We’d like to start a tour of our gymnasium with the front door which lets in and out about 400 students every day except Sundays. The building is very old. Its interior has been redecorated several times but the exterior is the same as a hundred years ago.


Year 2014- 2015 
Gymnasium 2
Club Day Time
1. Football Saturday 11.00 DOD_015
2. English Monday-Friday 9.00 DOD_016


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